When the black moon invites the stars to shine brilliantly, it's time for change on earth

Eclectic Elemental Dance Journeys into the deep wild Soul

The Element of Fire, igniting, creating, consuming, transforming and rising up to the unthinkable
The Element of Air, purity, clarity, lightness, weightlessness and connection - permeate everything, enabler of life through our breath
The Element of Earth, home, solid, grounding, letting go and returning to our single source - Earth will carry you
The Element of Water, flowing, moving, allowing everything inside, outside - being one in the infinite vastness of unity
Dance is the most beautiful expression of life, dance everywhere throughout your entire life

Elemental Dance Journey

Untamed, unashamed, wildered Souls, this Dance Journey is for your authentic self. Dance to the Elements, dance to what lives inside - Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Resonating with your being. Express what is alive, trust the inner dancer, connect to everything moving, stuck, repressed - the slow, the gentle, the wild, the seductive, the joyful, the pure self. Free, improvised, allowed just to be - in this moment, through the beat, the rythm, the puls moving through you. Allow yourself this moment, allow yourself the beauty, that lives inside of you.

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Elemental Dance Journey

Ungezähmte, wilde, freie Seele, dieser Tanz ist für dein authentisches Selbst. Tanze zu den Elementen in dir, zu dem, was am Leben ist - Luft, Erde, Freuer, Wasser. Vibrierend, mit dir in Resonanz. Lasse dein Innerstes frei, vertraue deinem inneren Tänzer, fühle alles Bewegte, Blockierte, Unterdrückte - langsam, sanft, wild, verführerisch, traurig, ausgelassen, frei, dein pures Selbst. Improvisiert, keine Vorgaben, alles erlaubt in diesem Moment - ausgedrückt durch den Beat, den Rhythmus, den Puls der durch dich durch fließt. Dich in Bewegung versetzt. Erlaube alles an dir, erlaube alles in dir! Erlaube deine strahlende Schönheit, die in dir lebt.

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Picture is showing Jessica covered in a winter coat facing the freezing cold atlantic ocean


Who am I, when I can be everything. Erasing our limited boundaries of perception. For this endeavour, I’m an adventuress. Untamed, unashamed, wildly in resonance with nature, music, the beat of life. Guiding you through vibration, through frequency into your own vault, inviting you to unleash the potential, that lives inside. Boldly, couragous, joyful, accepting - to drop the veil and express, who you really are!

I’ll be your DJane, focused on impactful Sets, Elemental Journeys, Ecstatic Dances, Trance Dance, going deep, going high.

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